Siding FAQ

Our experts at Advantage Home Exteriors get a lot of questions about installing siding on residential homes in the Harford County Area. Here are some of the most frequently asked siding questions and our answers.

Painting your home before having siding installed is unnecessary. Suppose our team is installing siding on your home. In that case, we will perform all of the prep work needed, including removing old siding and ensuring that the exterior of your home is adequately protected from the elements.

Our team at Advantage home exteriors offers a variety of vinyl siding products to choose from. These come in different finishes, colors, and sizes to suit the style of your home. When compared to stone, brick, stucco, or wood siding on several factors, including initial cost, maintenance, appearance, and durability, vinyl siding is the clear winner.

From a durability perspective, vinyl siding will last much longer and stand up to extreme weather better than most siding materials.

It is rare to see sagging or cracking from new vinyl installed on your home. When vinyl siding was introduced in the 50s, it frequently had these issues. With new vinyl formulations and advances in production techniques, these issues occur less often.

Our team at Advantage Home Exteriors recommends vinyl siding for homes in the Harford County and Greater Baltimore areas. Vinyl siding can withstand heavy storms, strong winds, and rapid temperature fluctuations without cracking, sagging, or damage.
Each type of siding requires different levels of maintenance and care. Our siding experts at Advantage Home Exteriors primarily install vinyl siding, which is easy to care for. We recommend washing the exterior of your home two to three times per year to keep pollen, dirt, and algae from growing. This will also keep your siding looking new year-round.
Vinyl siding is less likely than wood or other sidings to trap moisture against your home. The products we install are designed to allow moisture to be drawn from the house and expelled through the bottom of the siding panels. With this, there is less danger of water damage occurring on the exterior of your home.
Vinyl siding today can imitate wood patterning, insulate your home, and stand up to extreme weather conditions. It is an excellent choice for your home because it comes in a variety of styles and colors and is highly durable.
Vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors and styles. Our expert siding contractors at Advantage Home Exteriors can help you find the perfect color and style to suit your home.

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