Beat the Heat: Essential Tips for Summer Roof Care

Summer Roof Maintenance

The summer boasts great heat and temperature. These high temperatures can do some roof damage that surpasses your imagination level. Roof damage is such an instance caused by extreme heat, and in the end, a rooftop should be maintained during the heat months. It will help you to save money in the long run from future roof repairs. As the summer increases, the emphasis on diligent roof maintenance escalates. This post will discuss the best tips to protect roofs in summer.

Tips For Summer Roof Care

If you want to safeguard your roof against the extreme heat of summer, you must follow the below tips:

Check for Rust and Corrosion

You have to check for early identification of rust and corrosion in your roof. If any discoloration, blisters, or metal unevenness is observed, then it may indicate a need to be replaced. If you want to slow down the corrosion spread, you can gently wipe the affected part and use an aluminum inhibitor. Then finish with applying protective coating.

This process will not only ensure good rooftop condition, but also ensure an undamaged, aesthetically pleasing roof for an extended period. In the presence of aluminum, the metal can suffer corrosion. To protect aluminum from being susceptible to corrosion you must keep the aluminum away from moisture, apply a protective clear coat, and use a high corrosion resistant aluminum alloy. Check for moss, molds, and algae among other things as well.

Consider Moss, Mold, and Algae

Summertime brings warm rain and humidity with it. These two conditions encourage algae growth, and over time, algae will eat away the shingles and can cause roof decay. Algae can be found on your roof and gutters following water buildup, and remains evident during the summer months, damaging the roof and gutters if not addressed appropriately.

Over time, moss left on your roof can cause shingles to crack. Heavy moss blocks water, creating buildup under the shingles. Thus, it eventually damages the roof deck. If you notice algae or moss on the roof, remove it ASAP to prevent these problems. To prevent mold damage, make sure to check for signs on your roof frequently.

Check Your Attic

Interestingly, have you ever thought that in summer your attic can attain a temperature close to 150 degrees? As your roof sheets are exposed to the sun rays throughout the day, they absorb a lot of warmth. This warmth is then radiated into the attic space. A poorly ventilated attic in which heat is trapped can reduce its lifespan, causing your shingles to crack and curl. Thus, resulting in roof leakage.

Attic insulation is significant to keep the heat and moisture out during the summer. During summer roof maintenance, it is also important to look for any signs of moisture and mold in the rafters – like discoloration and rot accompanied by musty smells – as these are tell-tale signs of roof mold damage in progress. Here are some signs of roof mold damage you can see from your attic:

  • If you discover watermarks along the ceiling or walls of your attic, your roof may have a hole.
  • If your attic smells musty and you spot mildew across your ceiling, you have a roof leak.
  • Discolored rafters mean the wood has absorbed the water from a leak above on your roof.

Trim Overhanging Branches

It is vital to regularly trim trees that hang over the roof to prevent them from breaking after a storm. Even if the trees are healthy, the harsh summer storms can cause them to break and land on your roof. Low hanging branches can easily scrape your shingles and strip off layers of asphalt. Notably, the leaves and twigs dropping from the branches may fill your gutters with leafy debris. Check if the close branches can be cut straight away when you have a cedar shake roof because they are vulnerable to the water damage.

Remove the Debris

Make sure to clear debris on the roof that might be caused by wind and rain during the summer. The drip of water from trees is another factor that can cause leaks to build up. Their branches puncture and help to cause roof leaks. The clean roofs which are free from debris can truly bounce the UV lights and at the same time, prevent the house from turning too hot especially in the summer.

Before you start taking down the debris from the roof by yourself, you must ensure that you’re safe. Be sure to use non-slip shoes, and use a leaf blower to easily clear parts of the roof that can’t be reached. Avoid using power washes as it lifts the shingles and elevates the roof more towards the force of the wind.

Replace Missing Shingles

Replacing shingles sounds like an easy job. But placing new shingles over old ones or using the wrong nails can lead to further damage. The wrong shingle can fade, crack, or grow algae. While inspecting a roof, walking on damaged shingles can cause more damage and result in roof leaks in the future. Even small patchwork repairs can impact the overall health and safety of the roof. To deal with such issues, many homeowners hire professionals to inspect and replace missing shingles.

Clean Up and Replace Loose Gutters

Cleaning and replacing loose gutters are important to prevent severe damage to the house. You must clean the gutters regularly in summer, as many things can clog up the gutters and drains. If you see insects crawling around in your gutters, there is a chance of clogging. Usually, animals use the debris to make their nests.

The clogged gutters splash the water across the roof and get choked under your shingles. Therefore, it is essential to clean your eaves regularly. As a result, it may be recommended to get into your gutters after a severe storm as there may be debris through. Without cleaning the gutters for a long time, tree leaves, twigs and needles beyond the point of repair may clog the gutter and make it start to bend and sag.

Call Professionals for Roof Inspection

You may feel torn between hiring someone for a roofing project or simply do it yourself. The fact is that roofs can be both complex and dangerous. Without proper knowledge, materials, and equipment, you can risk creating further damage to the roof and injuring yourself during the cleaning process. A roof inspection can reveal issues you might not have known about. If you don’t get regular roof inspections, problems can develop in the future, after a severe summer storm. Hence, roof inspection is a vital part of roof maintenance.


Roofs are undoubtedly a key point of the home style. However, not many know that humidity, heat and storms can eventually cause damage to their roof over time. Hence, it’s important not to skip out on your summer roof maintenance.

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