What Components Are Covered by Roofing Warranties?

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The roof is like a crown on top of any house. Your roof protects your property from foreign infiltration, and as a responsible homeowner one should pay attention to it before damage gets out of hand. To initiate progress in this direction, getting your roof warranted is a significant step. A roofing warranty is a formal document offered by the contractor to cover defective materials and components.

Quality roofing is considered a wise long-term investment to the future value of your property. The benefit of roofing warranties ensures the repair or replacement of roofing services, in case of material or workmanship defects. However, most of the house owners fail to grasp the intricate details of these contracts. This blog addresses said details of roof warranties, the types, their coverage periods, and necessary steps to get yourself the perfect option.

Significance of A Roofing Warranty For Any Property

The first question that arises in anybody’s mind is – Why is it smart to ensure the quality of a roofing warranty? Let’s shed some light on this topic.

1) Shields Against Unforeseen Damage To Your Roof

Nobody can comprehend any impending accidents! Your roof is no different, as it may be inflicted with significant damage during any form of accident. A solid warranty guarantees quality roofing services to repair your roof.

2) Safeguards Your Valuable Investment

Roofing is certainly hefty funding, and any harm to it may cost you a ton. Roofing warranties defend your funding and prevent additional financial burdens.

3) Adds Value To Your Property

Your property is your fixed asset and can generate great selling value, especially in terms of economic crisis. For that, a quality roof acts as a signature point to affirm its position in the real estate market. If your house possesses a solid roofing warranty, it enables you to obtain a promising return on your investment.

4) Promises A Peace of Mind

If you are a resident of a place that is prone to frequently harsh climatic conditions, you shall always be tearing your hair praying for the safety of your roof. Quality roofing warranties assure peace of mind for renters and homeowners that the roof can be replaced at minimal-to-no rates, and can relax in the comfort of their residence.

Breaking Down Roofing Warranties: Understanding Its Types

Roofing warranties are majorly classified into two types :

Roofing Materials Warranty

The first type of warranty that a roofing contractor provides is this materials warranty. In this, a formal assurance is offered on the quality and longevity of the manufacturer’s raw materials used in the project.

Workmanship Warranty

Another type of roofing warranty is the Workmanship warranty. Compared to the materials warranty, this caters to the quality of installation and labor carried out during the construction. Any faults from the end of the workforce are covered here.

One thing to note – it is absolutely paramount to be aware of the various terms and conditions in the policy. There are certain exclusions, which you also need to be mindful of. Let’s dive into that section of the blog!

All About Standard Roofing Material Warranty: Defect Coverage, Coverage Period and Exclusions

Let’s dissect the Standard Roofing material warranty.

Defects Covered

  • Generally, roofing material warranty includes defects like untimely deterioration, blistering, breaking, and cracking of asphalt shingles.
  • In addition to these, your contractor may also cover defects in aspects like weatherproofing, insulation, and bonding agents.

Coverage Period

  • The coverage length for a trendy roofing warranty relies upon the kind of shingles used within the project. Traditional asphalt shingles ensure a lifespan of 20-30 years. Better products like stone-coated metal shingles offer a warranty period of above 50 years.
  • This point entirely depends on the quality of roofing services and the offered premiums of your roofing contractor, which may include lifetime warranties.


  • As previously mentioned, these warranties come with a set of limitations and exclusions.
  • Exclusions that are generally part of these contracts include lack of adequate maintenance, extreme weather effects, and faulty installations.

What’s Inside The Roofing Contractor’s Workmanship Warranty?

Now, let’s talk about Workmanship warranty.

Defects included

  • Common defects that form a part of this warranty are major installation errors, faulty sealings, and improper use of materials in the project.
  • Non-abidance of industry-standard techniques like incorrect ventilation and flashing are also included here.

Coverage Period

  • The clauses mentioned in the workmanship warranty may hold value for 2-10 years.
  • But again, this time will vary depending on the reputation of the roofing contractor.

Terms and Conditions

  • Despite all these facilities provided by the roofing services agency, there are certain restrictions and terms in the policy. Failing to comply with those tips may additionally cause the termination of the contract.
  • Overlooking minor problems and avoiding regular maintenance may lead to the magnification of the issues. This may hold the warranty void.
  • Alteration or replacement attempts of the roof through unauthorized third parties will also lead to the violation of the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Warranty Transferability and Duration of Coverage


By definition, the transferability of a roofing warranty is the process of passing on the warranty document from the previous owner to a new owner during the event of sale.

The conditions imposed on this transferability may differ. Fully transferable warranties are the ones that can be exchanged without any restrictions. On the other hand, certain warranties may require approval from the manufacturer, and payment of a fee to facilitate transfers.

Houses with transferable warranties stand out in the real estate market and attract a huge number of potential buyers.

Duration of Coverage

The two types of roofing warranties depending on coverage duration are:

Prorated Warranties

Here the coverage value and percentage of the roofing warranty depreciate every year, within the coverage period.

Non-Prorated Warranties

On the other hand, non-prorated warranties are ones that promise full coverage value down the years.


Just like quality roofing is important, agreeing upon the perfect roofing warranty serves utmost importance. The first thing to do is go through the phrases and conditions of the agreement meticulously. Before signing the deal, consult with others and try determining the value of your roof by self-research. Once the papers are legalized, you will have no scope to appeal for alterations.

Another important note is that you should not neglect the maintenance of your roof. Not catering to routine checkups may magnify smaller issues and cost you big time! Lastly, always go for a reputable contractor for your roofing services. Depending on the quality and integrity of the company, the standard of roofing warranties will vary. Opting for a trustworthy roofing company will provide the right value and experience for your property.

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