Upgrade Your Home’s Value Before Selling With a New Roof

roof replacement

Deciding to improve your old house’s roof structure? Then, it is best to try out a roof replacement that will provide great benefits to the overall house, base, and appearance. New roofs can improve the curb appeal which will make your house look more attractive and appealing to potential buyers. This will increase their interest in buying your property at a higher price. Replacing an old weak roof to a new one can make your property stand out in a positive light from its competition.

Signs Your Roof Needs Replaced

1. Structural Integrity

Sometimes there is a sagging or a drooping in the roofline, which we ignore to fix, and creates a larger problem for us in the future. This results in a weak support or structural damage in your house, which compromises the safety and stability of the roof. It’s intuitive to notice the early stages of roof sagging or damage, and hire a professional contractor to fix it as soon as possible. Any excessive movement or bouncing when walking on it can create an injury to you or damage your house.

2. Degrading Roof Material

Choosing the right roofing material that keeps your roof sustainable for a long time is really important. Roof material degradation – like shingles curling, cracking, or missing granules – shows that your roof needs to be replaced. Sustainable roof material ensures stability and outer protection to the roof, and investing in a low quality material can lead to potential leaks and water damages. This low quality material does not only hamper the curb appeal of the house but also reduce the overall effectiveness of the roof to protect your home from external threats.

3. Low Energy Saving

Some roof structures do not promote energy efficiency, and can cost you higher energy bills, by allowing heat to escape during the winter and enter during the summer. If there are any fluctuations in your energy bills, or if you experience any difficulty in maintaining a better indoor temperature, then it is definitely a sign to replace your roof promptly. Just upgrade to a more cost effective and energy efficient roofing system that will improve your home comfort level in all weathers and save energy.

4. Leakage or Stains

If your house ceiling is weak and the water leaks continuously, then this indicates roof damage and requires an immediate solution to change it. There are issues like damaged shingles, poor flashing, or weak roof seals which, if ignored, can cause water leaks, mold growth, stains and structural damage. Updating the material and fixing damaged areas on your roof sometimes can help, but in the long run, you should replace your whole roof to effectively preserve your home lifespan.

Advantages of Replacing The Roof Before Selling

  1. Increasing value of property:- Before selling, consider replacing your roof to boost its market value. A new roof can attract potential buyers easily, and when they see that the property is well maintained, they may pay you more. It will automatically lead to better offers and a higher ROI.
  2. First impression on buyers:- It is the roof which the buyer first sees in a house, giving a first impression on buyers. A new roof maintains the house appeal and creates a sense of structural security, which attracts the buyers.
  3. Advantage of negotiation:- To close a deal with a buyer easily at your terms, it is helpful to work on your entire house structure to make it look appealing to them. Roof replacement gives you a strong negotiation position when dealing with your potential buyers. You can ask higher prices or bargain to close the deals more effectively.
  4. Enhanced curb appeal:- A beautiful and well-maintained roof provides curb appeal, making your home stand out in the crowded real estate market, and look attractive from the outside. It will attract more buyers, helping you sell quickly.
  5. Gives peace of mind:- When selling a house, many prospective buyers point out an old roof structure and its poor appeal. When noticing a freshly replaced roof, for the buyers there are no concerns for near future maintenance and repairs.
  6. Reduce the need for inspection:- After roof replacement you can minimize the chances of future inspection of the house or occurrence of any major issues related to the roof during inspection. Increases the buyer’s confidence in closing the deal.
  7. Get low insurance premium:- Quality roof replacement enhances the roof structure and helps you get a low insurance premium. Many insurance companies give discounts for homes with newly replaced roofs as they are less likely to face any issue related to water leaks or damages. It saves your cost with proper insurance for both seller and buyer.

What Are The Factors To Keep In Mind When Replacing Your Roof?

If you’re thinking of getting a roof replacement before selling your house, then consider these factors to ensure an easy and efficient process:

1. Finding the right contractor for roofing

Selecting an experienced contractor for your house’s roofing needs can be challenging. You should first ask for a contractor’s license, insurance and past track records of success. Also contact your friends and relatives to refer to someone who is trustworthy and reliable in case of bringing quality results. A professional person will give you a detailed overview about the roof condition and guidance for the entire process.

2. Choosing material for replacement

Before starting, consider choosing the right roofing material for the replacement. Factors like durability, energy saving and appealing material should be given priority which comes in your budget and suits your environment. You can choose from shingles, metal roofs, or a concrete one, each has their own benefits.

3. Duration of the project

Before selling please consider choosing the right contractor or project which completes within your suitable timeline. See the size of your property, roofing material and the weather conditions before starting the project to avoid delays. Set a clear timeline with the contractor to finish your replacement project.

4. DIY roof replacement vs. Hiring professional contractors

If you are stuck between a DIY roof replacement or hiring a professional contractor then do proper research before starting. DIY roofing may save you money but it will include some risks and dangers. While professional guys bring their expertise and knowledge to work with safety, their work is backed by warranties and gives peace of mind. If you have experience then go for a DIY roofing but adhere to the safety protocols and if not then choose a skilled contractor for the roof replacement.


Replacement of the roof before selling a home needs a strategic plan and investment by considering all the important factors that can help you in making an informed decision. By keeping in mind these factors you can ensure a successful roof replacement with safety.

After the overall roofing process also make sure to clean and maintain the roof regularly to enhance its appeal and attract prospective buyers. If you are in search of an ideal partner in this journey of roof replacement, then consider Advantage Home Exteriors and schedule a consultation call today with our experts. Let us help you to improve your roof structure and overall property appeal.