How Is My Home Protected During a Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement is commonly considered a hectic and physical job. Of course, they are! Many management and planning skills are required to be in the resume of a reputable roofing company. Getting your roof fixed may be one of the most vital investments for your beloved property. The process of mending your roof needs appropriate measures and precautions so that it doesn’t hamper the construction and landscaping of your own house, along with your neighborhood.

Thus, when you contact your chosen home roofers, you should verify to ensure the all-round protection of your household. Experienced businesses assure their clients with the necessary shielding and insurance for the working team, in case of any accidents. In this blog, all the steps and tasks that a roofing contractor should complete are covered.

Measures That A Roofing Contractor Must Take Before Commencing Work

Tarping Your Landscaping Around Your House

The stylish architecture of grass, bushes, and stone sculptures are the beautifications done to your home-sweet-home at the expense of a good amount of money. Protecting any kind of landscaping around your house should be a primary focus of a roofing company.
Tarps are the best way to achieve this. Covering your sculptures and landscaping with tarps is a great way to safeguard these prized possessions. Alternatively, wooden planks can also be installed in a slanted fashion to prevent material falling off during roofing.

Paying Attention To Your Attic

Attics are the closest section to a roof in any house. In order to protect any important and delicate artifacts, articles, or items, a responsible roofer will surely cover up the attic during a roof replacement. Protective sheaths, plastics, or tarps shall be laid over the attic, and verifying this with the roofing contractor is very important before they start the project.

Making Sure The Windows Are Protected

Repairing window sills or broken glass demands more deduction from your pocket. Even if the light is restricted from entering your house, make sure the roofing company pays proper attention to shielding your windows from falling debris while working.

Securing The Swimming Pool (if applicable)

You may have a swimming pool in the back lawn of your house that you are fond of. You may think it is okay to leave the pool open during such construction work, but it is not. The underlying marble at the base of the pool may get dismantled if it is accidentally struck by heavy debris. If this happens, you should easily estimate the cost required to fix the flooring of your swimming pool.

Additionally, the quality of the water may be contaminated due to dust particles accumulating in any holes inside the pool. Thus, protective sheaths or tarps should be used to cover the whole waterbody as best as possible.

Guarding HVAC Systems And Other Power Appliances

Your HVAC system, generators, and other power appliances should also be safeguarded against any damage that can be caused during the roof replacement. Protecting it with a strong wooden ply is the wisest move to make. Discuss the matter with your fellow roofing contractor to handle the situation in the best possible way.

Obtaining The Safest Insurance Policy

Accidents may catch you off-guard at any moment. This can involve significant damage caused to personal property and vehicles, or that of the neighborhood. In extreme situations, it may also include accidents to humans.

To save yourself from the worst, you need to be prepared for the worst! Reliable insurance must be assured right at the start of the project. A trustworthy and efficient roofing company is the first to obtain insurance beforehand.

If they miss it or fail to, make it a point to discuss your concerns and how to create a better solution.

Things You Can Do From Your Side

While it’s the duty of the roofing company to make sure nothing goes unchecked before starting with the operation, here are a few things you as the homeowner can checkmark yourself:

  • Remove any lighting or decoration in the lawn, before the house roofers commence their roofing work. This ensures the safety of your property from unprecedented damage.
  • If your living room, bedrooms, or any area inside your house features delicate paintings or memorable photo frames, you must ensure to unpin them during this phase of construction in your house. The violent vibrations caused during the roofing process may result in severe cracks and damage to those possessions. You can plan to hang them again after all the operations on your roof are completed.
  • To provide security and safety during the roof replacement process, try to maintain the cleanliness of gardens and grounds, if any. Trimming the lawn is a must-do activity for the homeowner, as it may easily indicate the presence of debris or nails falling here and there during the action of roofing.
  • Make sure to clear the driveway or pathway for onsite construction vehicles to execute the roofing process efficiently. Basically, the parking site shall not be obstructed.


By ensuring these above precautions and measures, you can expect a smooth roof repair operation for your house. Your roofing contractor must be well aware of the mentioned protection guidelines beforehand if the business is a trustworthy and reliable one.

To be honest, the secret sauce to achieving a hassle-free roof replacement operation, choosing the right roofing company or agency, like Advantage Home Exteriors, is the first step you should take. Investigate prior reviews of customers and word of mouth before mutually agreeing to the roofing contract.

Moreover, properly inspect each and every corner of the roof as well as your house, before you see off the working men. A detailed walkthrough is mandatory upon the completion of the work.