Avoid These Common Mistakes During Door Installation

Door Installation Mistakes

At Advantage Home Exterior, we understand that a door installation is a critical part of your home’s functionality and appearance. Even the slightest mistake can lead to operational issues and affect your home’s energy efficiency. Our professional team is here to ensure your door is installed perfectly, but it’s still valuable to know what common mistakes to avoid. Here’s a guide to help you understand the process better.

1. Incorrect Measurements

Mistake: If measurements are taken wrong, then the door does not fit well and there will be gaps and drafts and security problems arise.
Solution: Accuracy is very important when it comes to measuring the dimensions of the door frame in terms of its thickness, width, and height. Our employees apply modern equipment for careful measurements that guarantee the flawless quality of a piece.

2. Ignoring The Level

Mistake: Uneven door frame often leads to the door not fitting well and either jams or swings open or cannot be shut properly.
Solution: We want to ensure the door frame you chose is vertical, and our team performs plumb checks with a spirit level before moving on to level checks.

3. Improper Shimming

Mistake: If one or some of the shims are omitted or inserted in the wrong position, it leads to instability of the door frame and door is not aligned properly and does not function as expected.
Solution: This is where we position some of the shims, particularly behind the strike plate as well as at shut hinge positions to ensure that door frames are properly aligned.

4. Using Incorrect Fasteners

Mistake: It can increase a danger to a door, if the nails or screws are too short or not correspond to the typical installation of doors.
Solution: The screws our experts engage to fasten the door frame to the wall studs are long, and have a lasting nature of at least 3 inches.

5. Failing to Check for Squareness

Mistake: An out-of-square door frame results in the door not closing properly due to binding and increased drafts.
Solution: We perform this process by stretching a ruler diagonally from one corner to the other of the frame. In case the lengths are not equal, we right the angles until all four corners of the frame are right angles.

6. Failure to take appropriate measures to Thermise the Door

Mistake: This is because if one installs the door without allowing it to expand or shrink according to the existing climate in the locality it will warp.
Solution: We always ensure that the door settles in a room with the specific climate that it will have for at least a day before it is used.

7. Overlooking the Weatherstripping

Mistake: Trapping or inadequate window weather stripping often results in the issue of drought, which in turn causes high energy bills.
Solution: Our professionals ensure that they apply weatherstripping all along the edges of the doors to prevent any leaks but at the same time ensuring that the door is able to open and close as it should.

8. Forgetting to Test the Door

Mistake: This is why if one does not test the door to their satisfaction after a new installation, they get to carry forward unresolved problems.
Solution: This checks on the door and its operations including checking whether the locks and seals work properly or not by opening and closing the door several times.

9. Skimping on Caulking

Mistake: Concerning the problems of inadequacy of the caulking, water penetrates the construction hence causing water damage and probably mold formation.
Solution: To ensure the latest and most effective practice, we employ high mean external sealant on all joints and gaps of the door frame in order to prevent water seepage and enhance the life cycle of the structure.

10. Rushing the Job

Mistake: This holds the risk of the installation speeding process to avoid taking time on the details, which would potentially affect the door’s performance.
Solution: At Advantage Home Exterior, we take enough time with the installations and ensure that we follow every step as per the method required. The work is also checked thoroughly to ensure that there is no flaw observed in the installations.


Knowledge of the errors above goes a long way in pointing out why you should hire professional door installers. In Advantage Home Exterior, we pay most of our attention to details and our doors and all the services we offer are done in the best way possible to get you the best results in terms of security, efficiency, and elegance.
You can rely on us for all your door installation needs with the right skills and accuracy. Do not hesitate to contact us today to book for your installation session!