What Is The Insurance Process to Replace a Roof?

Replace a Roof

Your roof is like the crown on top of your home-sweet-home! Every responsible homeowner invests a considerable amount of money into the beloved roof of their property. But unfortunately, the climate is unpredictable! Any sudden hailstorms, gails, or hurricanes may lead to significant damage to your property and roofing. Thus, a homeowners insurance policy turns out to be a priceless possession in such times of need.

The reliability of insurance is often questionable, and this roofing sector doesn’t hold a positive reputation in the States as well. By no means does this statement generalize inefficiency as an attribute of every roof insurance company. However, agencies do exist that tend to take advantage of homeowners who usually get tense in such situations.

If you are someone searching for a step-by-step guide detailing the process of claim settlement of your roof, you are at the right place! This blog vividly touches upon several intricate nuances of this insurance proceeding, preparing the innocent house owners to take charge of the situation and rightfully claim the sum assured.

A Piece-By-Piece Guide For The Claim Settlement of Your Roof Insurance

Speaking of the homeowners’ insurance policy, the money you should receive at the time of claim may be equivalent to the amount for either a roof repair cost or an entire house roof replacement cost. This entirely depends on the terms and conditions mentioned in the insurance document. Let’s take a look.

Pre-Approval And Submission of Insurance Documents:

Go Through The Policy Minutely:

First things first, study the insurance policy documents in great detail. If you don’t find the papers, contact your insurance agent to retrieve them. Whatever may be the case, read through and analyze every point mentioned. In case of any insecurity, don’t hesitate to discuss the matter with family members and friends. Make sure your insurance covers compensation for repair damage or reimbursement for the total amount equal to the house roof replacement cost. The sole motto of stressing this point is to make sure your insurance company can’t misguide you in any way.

Contact A Local Roofing Contractor:

Contact a local roofing contractor to systematically assess the extent of damage your property has sustained. Another alternative can be to Google search the query – “Roofing contractors near me”. This can fetch you lists of local reputed roofing contractors within your locality. Read their reviews and self-research to find your ideal one! The agency will spot clear signs of damage to downspouts, holes in windows, prominent dents in the garage, electric meter and attics, etc. If you can’t find one roofer on your own, ask your insurance company to send one for a visit.

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Seal The Deal Preliminarily With The AOC Form:

This initial process of claim settlement becomes authorized via this Assignment of Claim(AOC) form. The roofing contractor you appointed will help you with filling out this form and submitting it to the insurer. By doing this, your roofer gets to discuss the compensations and claims you shall be receiving for the damage. This particular step also marks the penultimate step before closing this pre-approval phase.

Visit From The Insurance Adjuster To The Site:

Well, the truth is, no matter what documents or proof are put forward by your external roofing contractor, the say of the insurance adjuster is final in claim settlements. The job of the adjuster is to make a visit to the property in concern and investigate whether the above-mentioned points in the AOC form hold true. The insurance adjuster photographs each and every affected part of the roof, so as to prepare a full-fledged document to be submitted to the insurance company.

If you are not satisfied with the work and conduct of the person, you may appeal for a second appointment date. This inspection work will be accompanied by your roofing contractor.

Submission of The Estimate:

Upon mutual coordination of the adjuster with your roofing contractor, an estimate is submitted to the insurance company. These costs include all deductibles, material requirements, manufacturing dealers, building codes, and safety standards.

Post-Approval of Terms And Conditions:

Once your important papers and documents have been locked and loaded, the stipulated money settlement and subsequent repair work commence. This part of the process also needs careful monitoring and understanding of the situation. Let’s dive in!

Receiving Your First Check:

After the submission of the rough estimate of your expected compensation, you shall receive the first check at your disposal within two to three weeks. You can choose to contact your insurance company to remain updated with the process.

Scheduling The Roofing Work:

All the hustle and bustle of this lengthy process is for this particular step – getting the roof fixed! Schedule the day from which the construction shall start. Choose the appropriate shingle materials for the repair or replacement process. Color is also a feature that you may be eligible to select depending on your policy terms. Additional personal requirements can somewhere alter the starting date also.

Keep this in mind, that any unforeseen damage can arise during the construction work. Thus in case of any such incidents, you should send well-clicked photos to your insurer to get the approval to receive the extra funds to clear the payments to your roof workmen.

4 Important Measures To Be Mindful of During The Insurance Process

Now that the steps are clear to you, here are four additional things you should keep note of to facilitate a hassle-free process.

  • Never sign any document presented by the insurer before getting your payment approved for the claim. There have been infamous incidents of firms trying to sue their clients by making them sign papers for their interest.
  • The insurance adjusters are always the last people to decide on your reimbursement money for the claim. So no matter how much you try to turn things in your favor, it’s just how the law is!
  • Hiring a professional and reliable roofing contractor is a must for the inspection process. Mistakes happen and so do insurance adjusters commit wrong calculations. To keep yourself in a favorable condition, you need to appoint someone to speak in your interest.
  • If you own a Replacement Cost Value(RCV) policy for your roof, you need to understand that the roofing contractor will only compensate you for a brand new roof, which will be identical to your previous one in terms of quality. In case you want to upgrade from asphalt shingles to finer stone-coated metal shingles, the extra amount shall be borne by you.

Final Words

If you have reached this part of the blog, you have successfully decoded the mantra to an efficient and smooth insurance claim process. We hope things go well with your claim. And if you’re worried about affording home repairs or improvements, don’t fret. We’ve teamed up with Enerbank USA to offer financing options for projects like fixing your roof or upgrading your home’s exterior. Just talk to Advantage Home Exteriors about your project, and we’ll let you know what financing options are available.