When Is The Best Season To Replace Your Roof?

When considering the basic needs of humans, a shelter above our heads is an important one. Your roof works hard to protect you from the scorching sun in the summer, the bizarre impact of thunderstorms, and the frosty, snowy winter. Enduring all that, your roof deserves some love too! While thinking of repairing, replacing, or building a roof, something to consider is figuring out when to do it. Don’t worry, this blog will guide you on deciding the optimal time to go for your dream roofing projects!

Replacing roofs or building a new one is not only a huge financial investment, but also an investment toward your personal health. Poor roof quality causing recurring leaks may lead to mold and several health concerns, and negatively impact any resident’s quality of life. Warm summers are the most popular season to begin these projects. However, the most optimal season is claimed to be fall.

Here’s a breakdown of how seasons may affect your journey:


Spring calls for clear skies and pleasant weather. Spring is the season of renovation and new life. Harsh winters transition to warm, loving summers. The feeling of renewal and rejuvenation set the perfect stage to go for such home projects.


  • The weather is pleasant and it provides comfortable working conditions for the workers.
  • Due to longer daylight hours, the workers can also work longer. This ensures efficient and quick installation of the roof.
  • Generally, springtime is not busy for contractors, which makes it more easy to get appointments.


  • The weather is unpredictable during late spring. Frequent storms and rain showers may postpone the process.


Sunny summers with longer days are the most popular season for such elaborate projects. There is no chance of rain or snow, so no hindrances from Mother Nature. Early summers are always preferable due to the dry and sweet warmth it brings.


  • Warm, dry weather is the best for the installation of new roofing materials.
  • Days are longer, hence the workers can work for long hours.
  • No rain or snow means no interruption to the process.


  • Extreme heat in some areas may be unsuitable for outdoor work.
  • Being the most popular season, it may lead to the difficult availability of contractors.
  • Extreme temperatures can cause damage to new roofing materials.
  • Late summers are unsuitable due to the risk of tornadoes and thunderstorms.


Warm, cinnamony Autumn is the most suitable season for roof work. It is marked by the change in weather from summer to winter. The temperatures are mild and there is a gradual decrease in the daylight.


  • The mild weather is optimal for contractors to work comfortably.
  • Due to the daylight hours being longer still, they can work for longer.
  • The humidity levels remain low which is perfect for the installation of roofing materials.


  • Often rain showers and storms may intervene with the process.
  • Due to the backlog from summer, contractors may be unavailable. The backlog from a load of projects in the summer makes fall the busiest time for contractors.


Cold, harsh, and frosty winters are the least recommended season to go for roofing projects.


  • The extreme cold prevents tar from sticking and leads to weaker construction.
  • Some materials, like shingles, require temperatures above 40 ºF to be put together.
  • Snowing may also lead to the slowing down of the project.

Roof damage is serious and needs to be addressed correctly on their severity. Although winters are not ideal, if the circumstances are such that it cannot be stalled, you should consult a professional immediately. Many contractors take such projects and finish the project with a lower budget.

What Are the Signs That Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced?

The well-being of your roof depends on various factors. The weather it is exposed to, how it has been maintained and the materials it is made of are some of the major contributing factors of its health. These are some obvious signs that your roof needs your attention:

  • Aging of the roof: Average roofs may last for 15-20 years without any issues. The age of your roof is calculated from the first day of its installation. After the threshold of 20 years, you might need to call an expert to get it checked. Unchecked, old, and damaged roofs can break during storms, rainfall, and even under scorching sun due to their lost structural integrity.
  • Drooping or sagging of the roofs: When your roof is constantly exposed to humidity, over the years, it can sag or droop. This may mean that the wood is rotting and there is some trapped moisture. If you notice this, get help as soon as possible. Saggy, drooping roofs may crack at the slightest bit of storm or fluctuations of weather due to the trapped water within.
  • Constant leaks: One or two leaks may not mean anything but, if you have recurring leaks making your life miserable, then it may be a sign to replace your roof. Recurring leaks lead to a loss in the structural integrity of wood, growth of mold and moss, and water damage.
  • Damaged shingles: Are your shingles cracked or damaged? Shingles are the lifelines of your roof. If they show any signs of damage, it might be the tip of the iceberg to more active leaks and cracks.
  • Mold and moss: If you notice damp ceilings and walls and the slow growth of mold and moss, then RUN. Run as fast as you can to your nearest roofing experts. Mold and moss grow in damp and dark environments. These may indicate a loose leak that has not yet been caught and may lead to significant damage to your loving home, without any hint to you.


While some seasons are better than others, an experienced roofing company will always be able to turn your dream roof into reality. We always try to give ourselves the absolute best, so why not do the same for our roofs? With years of experience and success, Advantage Home Exteriors assures you the best repairs and replacements for your roofing needs.

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