3 Most Common Summer Roofing Problems

Summer Roofing Problems

1) UV Rays from the sun – This is typical of the hotter summer months. This is because the Earth is tilted more towards the sun for the Western and Northern hemispheres. Due to this, shingles tend to dry and crack under extended exposure to the sun’s rays.

– Roofing is supposed to last a long time, but the elements bring it down!

2) Water Leakage – This is possible in the summer months. Although it is indeed a dryer time of year, when it rains, it rains HARD. So, if your roof has waterproofing issues, it can most likely be experienced here.

– This is important to catch early, as prolonged time will allow moisture to travel to other parts of your home, potentially causing other issues.

3) Lack of Maintenance – This is not typically an obvious issue but can play a huge role in determining the overall remaining lifespan of your roof on your home. It is very important to remove overhanging tree limbs before they can fall on your roof.

– It is also important to note that gutters are kept clear and clean of debris. This will allow water to flow out and down to the ground during a storm instead of pooling near your roof area.

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