Residential Gutters & Gutter Guard Installation

Advantage Home Exteriors provides the Baltimore area with efficient gutters that you can rely on when it storms and rains hard. When it comes to taking care of your home, gutters and gutter guards are often times overlooked, even when updating a roof. However, these systems are actually incredibly important when it comes to maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of your home’s exterior. With our residential gutter replacements for your home, you can rest assured that it will be thoroughly protected against rain water and debris clogs.

Seamless Gutter Installation

Our team at advantage home exteriors offers seamless residential gutter installation. Seamless gutters are a type of gutter that are created on-site to fit your home. Once on site our technicians will take measurements of each gutter run and will custom create one-piece gutters to fit your home.

Some of the advantages of a seamless residential gutter include better repairability, stronger materials, and quick installation. Sectional gutters however are usually made out of vinyl or plastic and need to be joined at every length. These types of gutters won’t stand up to the elements as well as seamless gutters.

Ask our team about installing seamless gutters on your home by calling (410) 612-0511 or by contacting our team online. 

Creating Seamless Gutters for Installation
Installed Seamless Gutters - Residential Gutter

Leaf Solution Gutters

Our Leaf Solution Gutters are a fantastic product line that handles rain water and prevents gutter clogging at 100% rate. Our “NO CLOG” guarantee means exactly that: these guards will not clog in any condition. No matter how much debris is filtered, your gutters will never clog again or our money back guaranteed. The medical grade stainless steel mesh is the strongest and most durable material to date- so even if sticks or stones land on the guard system it will continue to protect and rain rain water accordingly.

Benefits of Our Gutter Guard Design

  • The Leaf Solutions is a 3 step process of draining using three ridges in it’s design.
  • The three ridge design drains water that calculated the different speeds of rain pour.
  • Under light rain, the first ridge is “activated”, under medium rain weather middle ridge will be reached, and under heavy rain the last ridge will be reached.
  • This process will keep all velocities of water thoroughly drained, and your home well protected.
LeafSolution Gutter Guard Installation

Xtreme Gutter Guards

Xtreme Gutter Guard has a mesh that is constructed of a strong .024 gauge aluminum and stainless teel mesh. Our gutter protection is designed to protect your gutter from clogging and can be installed 3 different ways to ensure a proper fit: under shingle, direct to fascia, or bracket mount. Xtreme Mesh features a patented hemming process that creates a smooth, tight surface. This guarantees that our mesh is always in contact with the aluminum guard structure and is strong enough to handle years of weathering.

Benefits of Xtreme Guards

Gutters that do not drain properly will overflow and cause damage to your concrete, foundation, and landscaping. Not to mention that the water build up in a clogged gutter will leak into your roof and interior walls, rot your fascia, and damage soffit. A clogged gutter system with standing water is a haven for mosquitoes, earwigs, ants, and other pests. That’s why the Xtreme Gutter Guard system is unique y providing preventative measure for your gutters by properly draining rain water and removing the problem altogether. Below are some of the strong features that come with the Xtreme guard system.

  • Patented hemmed mesh technology
  • Stainless steel mesh
  • Strong .024 gauge aluminum
  • Available in 5” or 6” widths
  • Installed on a slope to encourage natural debris shedding
  • 15 year transferable warranty
  • 3 installation options
  • Available in black or white

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