Baltimore, MD Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Windows, and Doors

Customer approved and recommended by homeowners in Baltimore, MD, Advantage Home Exteriors has provided credible services since 2007 in the surrounding areas of Baltimore. We offer a wide variety of great products that will protect your home, including reliable warranties. As a certified company under Angie’s ListBBB, and Home Advisor, we bring a customers satisfaction guarantee they can depend on.


There are a lot of requests for a new roof in Baltimore, MD. Some common signs to look for if you need a roof replacement:

  • Missing shingles
  • Roof deterioration
  • Leaks coming in from the ceiling
  • Leaks going down the walls

Our top choice of shingles is manufactured by CertainTeed Roofing, a trusted company that we use for our roofing products. After years of experience in working with CertainTeed, we conclude that it’s most reliable when it comes to weather protection and longevity in shingle lifespan.


There are many reasons for getting new siding installed for your home in Baltimore. As population increases and real estate rises keeping up with your home has never been more important to keep the value higher than what you paid for. Some common signs to look for on the side of your home include:

  • Faded vinyl coloring or paint diminishing
  • Wood clad chipping/splitting
  • Wood siding is suffering from wood rot
  • Vinyl is cracking or broken off in some areas
  • Siding panels are completely missing
  • Siding is outdated (less appeal)

In our line of work, you learn from experience and install products based on manufacturers quality assurance. After years of working with many products in the industry, we have concluded that the best product available is by CertainTeed vinyl siding. Much like their roofing shingles, the vinyl siding is reliable, stylish, and well insulated. When you want the mainstream trends of styles and colors CertainTeed delivers; with advanced vinyl materials and insulation barriers that will not only protect your home but keep it energy efficient with a high R rating.


There are a lot of requests for gutter replacement in Baltimore, and that is due to the enormous amounts of rain weather and lack of leaf protection from all of the trees we have here in Maryland. Some common signs to look for if you need a new gutter or a gutter guard system:

  • Constant clogging of gutters from leaves
  • Rain water is not draining properly
  • Water runs down siding and windows
  • Puddles forming along the foundation of the house
  • Foundation is sinking (from the puddles over time)
  • Gutters are beginning to fall off from too much weight

The best gutter products to date are the ones we use here at Advantage Home Exteriors. They consist of three major brands: RHINO®, Leaf Solution®, and Xtreme Gutter Guards®. Having an efficient gutter drain is simple and easy to install, but longevity plays a huge role these systems. That’s why the main focus is a reliable gutter guard for protecting your drain and effectively mitigate rain water at the same time.

Replacement Windows

As you know, Baltimore has rapid weather changes year around which can occasionally fluctuate between rain, high winds, the hot sun, and snow. With proper replacement windows, you’re home can be protected from the elements and well insulated to accommodate the seasons. However, we also offer windows for the variant types & styles that will give your home a new look and feel and increasing home value at the same time. Check out our video for more information on our prized products by Alside.

When you want new quality windows for an affordable price turn to the experts who have dealt with all the major brands in the industry. We have sifted through the window manufacturers in America and chose two of the best that we highly recommend for homeowners: Alside and ProVia. Many of our customers have been satisfied with these products in their innovation and state-of-the-art advances in technology for both design and insulation. For more information check out our replacement windows page to see the wide selection of designs and series we carry with energy efficient ratings.


We have a wide selection of new sliding and exterior door styles for Baltimore homeowners to choose from. With the increase of climate changes in the area, insulation has become important to keep your electric bills low and your home energy efficient. That’s why all of the products we use are energy star rated. Please watch a video for more information on one of the most popular replacement doors we install: Embarq™.

ProVia Doors is one the top brands in the industry that we install on a daily basis. After years of research and working with many manufacturers, we have come to trust ProVia’s innovation and advanced technology that assists homeowners with their needs for a reliability in entry doors.

The other name brand we carry is Alside Doors that focuses strictly on patio entryways. If you’re looking for modern designs with energy efficiency built into the product, Alside is the best choice for sliding & patio doors.

About Baltimore

Baltimore, MD is the second largest seaport in the Mid-Atlantic states in the U.S. It has a population of around 622,104 people and it has seen continuous growth over the years. It is the principal city in the Baltimore-Washington metro area and has been dubbed “a city of neighborhoods.” The city has significant historical importance, being the location of Francis Scott Key when he wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and there have been numerous other events that have happened in this area over the years.

Homeowners here are proud of their properties and a lot of people may live in older homes. That being said, if the time has come to think about getting a new roof, siding, or windows installed, Advantage Home Exteriors is the company to call. We have many years of experience working with countless homeowners across the Baltimore area, and we are looking forward to helping you next.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like a free quote for any of our home exterior services. We provide fair and affordable estimates for homeowners, knowing that an adequate drain is important but shouldn’t be costly.