Window Replacement, Siding, Gutters, Doors, and Roofing Services in Aberdeen, MD

Explore a variety of services specifically designed for both residential and commercial property owners in Aberdeen, MD, provided by Advantage Home Exteriors. Whether you require new installations or replacements, our team is dedicated to delivering the best products and systems that you can rely on.

Window Replacement

Aberdeen experiences diverse weather conditions, and proper replacement windows are essential for protecting your home from the elements. Our selection not only ensures insulation but also offers a fresh look for your home, increasing its value.

Turn to the experts at Advantage Home Exteriors for high-quality, affordable window replacement services. We recommend two top brands: Alside and ProVia. These brands are known for their innovative technology, providing cutting-edge designs and insulation.


For Aberdeen homeowners, maintaining the exterior of your home is crucial in a rapidly growing population and escalating real estate market. Signs that it may be time for new siding include:

  • Faded vinyl coloring or peeling paint
  • Chipping or splitting wood cladding
  • Wood siding affected by rot
  • Cracked or broken vinyl
  • Missing siding panels
  • Outdated siding, diminishing curb appeal

Benefit from our expertise and experience as we install products with manufacturers’ quality assurance. Having worked with various industry products, we recommend CertainTeed vinyl siding for its reliability, style, and excellent insulation. This mainstream choice offers advanced vinyl materials and insulation barriers, providing protection and energy efficiency with a high R-rating.


In Aberdeen, the need for gutter replacement is common due to heavy rainfall and the abundance of trees. Signs indicating the need for new gutters or a gutter guard system include:

  • Constant clogging from leaves
  • Improper drainage of rainwater
  • Water running down siding and windows
  • Puddles forming along the house foundation
  • Sinking foundation from prolonged puddling
  • Gutters showing signs of falling off due to excessive weight

Count on Advantage Home Exteriors for efficient gutter products, including RHINO®, Leaf Solution®, and Xtreme Gutter Guards®. Our focus is on reliable gutter guards that protect your drain and effectively manage rainwater.


Explore a wide variety of sliding and exterior door styles for Aberdeen homeowners. With climate changes on the rise, energy-efficient insulation is vital. All our products are Energy Star-rated. ProVia Doors, a top industry brand, is a daily choice for our installations due to its innovation and advanced technology. We also offer Alside Doors, specializing in modern designs with energy efficiency for sliding and patio doors.

Roofing Services

If you’re noticing missing shingles, signs of roof deterioration, or leaks from the ceiling and down the walls, it might be time for a new roof. At our company, we prioritize using the best products in today’s market, ensuring the installation of quality shingles with weather protection for your home. Over the years, we’ve worked with various brands, but our highly recommended choice for roofing products is CertainTeed Roofing. With our professional expertise, we trust CertainTeed to provide excellent climate resistance at an affordable price for every family.

About Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a well-known town in Hartford County. It’s the home of major national brands like Clorox and Frito-Lay, manufacturers that have helped Aberdeen thrive into the city that it has become. This town has also begun to invest in energy efficiency programs such as the Smart Energy Community program. As homeowners in Aberdeen become more aware of the costliness of non-efficient products, they have started to enroll/buy energy efficient advancements for their homes due to our northeastern climate in Maryland. This is why our company utilizes energy efficient vinyl siding with insulated barriers that will protect your home from cold temperatures and high utility bills.

Why Choose Us

Advantage Home Exteriors is your trusted partner for comprehensive exterior services in Aberdeen, MD. Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and industry expertise sets us apart. When you choose us, you’re selecting a team with decades of experience, ensuring reliable installations and top-notch products. From our energy-efficient siding to innovative gutter solutions and advanced roofing materials, we prioritize the protection and efficiency of your home. Choose Advantage Home Exteriors for all your exterior needs in Aberdeen, MD.

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